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Refresher Worksheets

During these unprecedented times, coding classes at The Logic Coders have been put on hold since mid March. We believe that coding classes should be an experience, thus we have suspended classes for our students till it's safe to resume.

It is not likely that we can start classes in June and we probably will not be able to start until phase 2 of the reopening. So, to bridge the coding learning gap, we would like to provide weekly coding worksheets that your child may work on so as to keep the coding concepts fresh as we begin our transition back to normality.

These worksheets are available for anyone who is interested in learning coding logic. Feel free to share this with your friends who are looking for something enriching for their children during these difficult times.


Week 1


Sequencing is the order in which steps are performed. Coding is at its core a set of instructions that a computer follows. Be sure to think through each question so as to not spread the jam before taking out the toast.


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Week 2

Binary If-Else Statements

If-Else statements are the decision making components of a program. These statements consist of at least 2 parts, a conditional (is it raining now?) and an action (take an umbrella) if the conditional statement is true.


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Week 3

If-Else Statements with Threshold Values

What happens if an if-else conditional is no longer true/false in nature? Imagine an elevator with a overload weight limit. Now the conditional part of the if-else statement needs to include a comparison (if weight in elevator is >80kg, sound the alarm).

Worksheet will be available on 12 June


Week 4

Loops and While Loops

Loops are nothing more than repeating a segment of code. While Loops are loops with an attached if-else statement - we repeat a segment of code until a condition is true. Think of a water kettle which heats the water until it is boiling before shutting off.

Worksheet will be available on 19 June

What is Coding Logic?

Our core coding logic program is structured to teach kids the fundamentals of coding; that is Sequencing, If-Else and Loops. Like any other language, rules (otherwise referred to as syntax in coding terms) have to be adhered to for the code to work. Combinations of concepts and alteration of threshold values are then taught to the kids to get their desired outcome. Through this course, we want to arm our kids with strong understanding and expose them to various coding applications.     


Similar to reading, code can be constructed and represented in a linear form


An If-else statement is used to have a desired action based on a set condition.


Loops are used to repeat desired actions.

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