Holiday Coding


The Coding Workshop series of projects is curated for mature students looking for exposure to coding. We understand that school schedules and extra-curricular commitments can be challenging for students to join a weekly program. Hence, unlike the Core Coding Logic Program, this workshop is project based with a flexible schedule.

This workshop program is designed not only to spark creativity, but also brings context to coding through real-world experiences.

Course Details

Suitable for Ages 11 - 16

Platform: Lego Robotics

Standalone 2-hr sessions

Class Size of 10 - 12 (1:6 teacher student ratio)

Coding Prerequisites: None

Class Availability

October to December 2020

Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday (4 - 6pm)

Complete schedule flexibility


Please contact us for detailed project sheet

Looking for coding exposure on a flexible schedule?

Independent Projects

Flexible Schedule

Multiple Timings

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What will my child learn?


How do we use sensors to tell the color of the package?

Coding Logic

What are the steps and in what sequence do we have to take them in order to sort the colored packages?


Are there other methods to sort  packages more efficiently?


How do we design the mechanism to move the packages off the conveyor?

Conveyor Sorter

Inspired by the packing and sorting facilities that e-commerce companies use, this robot sorts between 4 different colored 'packages'

How are classes conducted?

Classes and instruction methods are designed to provide students with a guided environment for students to learn through trial-and-error. You can expect your child to receive varying levels of guidance depending on the individuals familiarity with coding and engineering.

Our goal is to challenge your child with complex missions and tasks while ensuring sufficient guidance to keep them engaged and interested. We aim to inspire your child with the endless possibilities that learning to code bring.

Featured Projects within the Coding Workshops


Color Marble Sorter

Sorts colored marbles into various containers using a color sensor


Self-Driving Car

Navigates a path with unknown obstacles using multiple ultrasonic range sensors


Geared Car

High speed car that uses gear combinations to trade toque for speed