Core Coding Logic Program

The Core Coding Logic Program is our flagship program consisting of a series of 6 progressive levels. This program seeks to equip students with a comprehensive foundation in coding logic, while providing a conducive environment for students to hone crucial cognitive skills.​


This program is unique in its multi-platform approach covering Lego Mindstorms EV3, Python and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Course Details

  • Suitable for Ages 7 and above

  • Multi-platform: Lego Robotics, Python & Microsoft Studio Code

  • Series of 6 Levels, 20 weekly sessions per level (1.5hrs)

  • Class Size of 10 - 12 (1:6 teacher student ratio)

  • Student exhibitions every 10th session

  • Coding Prerequisites: None

Schedule temporarily unavailable due to COVID related restrictions

What coding platforms are used?

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Understand coding logic visually using a drag & drop interface 


Apply and reinforce coding logic through a text-based language

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Learn to code using Microsoft’s development environment

How the program is structured

All 6 levels feature the Lego Robotics platform as it is the best platform for teaching coding logic. From Level 3 on-wards, we will introduce Python, a full fledged text based coding language that is widely used in the workforce today.


Students will learn across multiple coding platforms simultaneously, leveraging the best aspects of each platform to build a strong foundation in coding and logical thinking.

Level 1

Single Step Sequencing

Binary Switches

For Loops

Infinite Loops

Level 2

Multi-step Sequencing
Loop Interrupt
Threshold Value

Level 3

Sequencing of Actions
Nested Loops
While Loops

Basic Algorithm
Flow of Control

Level 4

Intermediate Algorithms
Nested Switches
Discrete Variables

Flow of Control

Level 5

Advanced Algorithms
Continuous Variables
Feedback Loops

Level 6

Applied Algorithms
Array Variables
Error Handling

Reinforce core coding concepts through repeated exposure to various real world applications

Build understanding through completing the missing parts of an algorithm to a problem


Think critically and solve problems on their own with the acquired logic with guidance when required




What will we be covering for Python?

Students will be be taught syntax rules initially - This is similar to learning the grammar of any language. We will then apply Python to model and solve math number pattern problems. Problems range from the simple all the way to PSLE problems. (Yes, this includes questions like the shaded triangle problem in the 2019 PSLE exams that have caused so much excitement.)

We focus on number pattern problems for 2 main reasons: They often require repetition (loops), demand logical thinking and pattern recognition. These are all essential parts of the coding skill set!

Cognitive Development through Learning to Code

Spatial Processing

The Lego Robotics platform trains spatial thinking which is crucial for math and engineering

Pattern Recognition

Being able to observe and recognize patterns is important in any field of study 

Logical Reasoning

Multi-platform approach encourages students to build upon logical thought and principles rather than memory

Problem Solving

Mission-based curriculum constantly challenges students with problems that require creative solutions

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