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Core Coding Logic Program

The Core Coding Logic Program is our flagship program consisting of 6 progressive levels. This program seeks to equip primary and secondary school students with a comprehensive foundation in coding logic, while providing a conducive environment for students to hone crucial cognitive skills.​

This program is unique in its multi-platform approach covering Lego Mindstorms EV3 (Robotics) and Python.

Course Details

Suitable for Ages 8 and above

Multi-platform: Lego EV3, Python

20 weekly sessions per level (1.5hrs)

Class Size of 8 (1:4 teacher student ratio)

Certificates are provided at each milestone

White Room

Develop cognitive skills.

The ability to solve problems through coding stimulates the mind.

Spatial Processing

Spatial thinking is crucial for math and engineering

Logical Reasoning

Multi-platform approach encourages understanding

Problem Solving

Problems that require creative solutions

Pattern Recognition

Observe and recognize patterns

child in robotics class for kids
White Room

Learn coding logic, not a language.

The syntax of coding changes with time, but the logic remains constant.

children learning to code with robotics

Age Appropriate

As much as we would like to provide early exposure to coding concepts, how it is done matters.

Classes are conducted with robotics and python

Syntax Agnostic

Coding logic is universal and can be applied in any coding language, or software such as excel.

White Room
children learning to code with robotics for kids

Acquire logic.

Learning logic interactively with a robotics platform provides a foundation to expose children to the complexities of Python and other text-based coding languages.

Lego Mindstorms

EV3 Robotics


White Room
happy parents from coding class

Noah, 7

I have created and coded projects that are things we see everyday.

happy parents at the logic coders

Neil, 10

Classes are challenging and fun! I really enjoy the class every week.

Child learning to code with robotics

Tristan, 9

I enjoy solving problems while having fun with my classmates.






Motor Control

10 to 20 weeks* 

1.5 hours

*Depends on individual learning progress




Certificate of Proficiency awarded upon passing

60 minutes

Students with prior experience can take the assessment directly


Coding Logic Levels 1 to 6

At the end of each level, will receive a proof of work certification documenting their final project

20 weeks per level

1.5 hours

Level 1

Single Step Sequencing
Infinite Loop
For Loop
Switches (Binary)

Level 3

Sequencing of Actions
While Loop
Basic Algorithm
Flow of Control

Level 5

Advanced Algorithm
Discrete Variable

Level 2

Multi-step Sequencing
Loop Interrupt
Switch (Threshold)

Level 4

Intermediate Algorithm
Nested Loop
Nested Switch
Flow of Control

Level 6

Applied Algorithm
Continuous Variable
Feedback Loop
Error Handling

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