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Creative Coders

Creative Coders aims to expose pre-school children (ages 4 - 5) to basic coding concepts.

Expose your child early to coding concepts with Scratch. There are 12 themes within this course where children get to learn sequencing and loops through a drag and drop coding interface.

Course Details

Suitable for Ages 4 - 5

Platform: Scratch

4 weekly sessions of 1-hr per session

Early exposure through 12 themes

Class Size of 6 (1:3 teacher student ratio)

Coding Prerequisites: None

Yes! Children of ages 4-5 can learn basic coding.


Learn sequencing through storytelling with Scratch

Understand Loops through a drag-and-drop coding interface

Early exposure to coding through 12 fun themes

All About me . Animals .  Favourites .  Sizes .  Vehicles . Outerspace . Underwater . Insects & Bugs . Flowers . Cartoon Characters . Christmas . Sports