We teach logic.


The best learning occurs subconsciously.

At The Logic Coders, students are placed in a fun dynamic environment where they learn coding through

real-world experiences.

Our students don't just learn coding, they develop critical skills in logical thinking by identifying and solving problems


We emphasize coding logic over syntax. 

Coding logic refers to the ideas and thoughts that run a program.

Just as how a paragraph can be written in different languages, the logic behind an algorithm can be written in any programming language.


3 Fundamental Concepts of
Coding Logic

These 3 fundamental concepts seem deceptively simple, yet they are the basis for all programs and software. Amazing.


The order in which steps are done


Repeat certain steps multiple times


If a condition is true, do this. Otherwise, do that

Parallel Lines

Logic is used when there are uncertainties.

Coding is more than just instructing computers to execute fixed steps. It is the ability to formulate algorithms that adapt to changing situations.


Uncertainty is built into our curriculum.

The little details that add the crucial difference.


The Task: Deliver a ball to the box and return to the start line


Without Uncertainty

The box is always 30cm away:

  • Move forward 30cm

  • Drop ball

  • Move backward 30cm

With Uncertainty

The box can be placed anywhere along a straight line:

  • Move forward until the box is detected

  • Drop ball

  • Remember how far the motors have traveled and move backwards by that distance


Coding Logic.

We see coding as the ability to think critically and logically to derive algorithms.


Using various coding and robotics platforms for teaching while important, we highlight that 'what' is being taught is critical.