4 technology trends everyone has to get ready for

Accenture have unveiled their Tech Vision 2022 “metaverse continuum” – an overview that lays out how they believe businesses and individuals will interact across interconnected digital environments and services in the near future.


The internet is going to be much less anonymous. Unique identities will be established for people and objects within digital space which brings about the concept of data portability between different areas of the metaverse. "Metaverse and Web3 are poised to reshape the internet; rather than it being a disperate collection of sites and apps, we will be in an environment where we will be moving from one "place" to another" according to Accenture.

Programmable World

With 5G and advances in computing, digital environments will be interwoven into the fabric of our physical world. Just two decades ago, cars were primarily mechanical machines, and if anything went wrong with them, we would need to alter them physically by taking the car to a mechanic. Today, we plug the cars into the computer for a diagnosis and tuning.

Our once mechanical objects and tools are fast becoming 'intelligent', which also means that everything will be increasing run by programable code.

The Unreal

We tend to think that computer models and analytics as identifying trends and patterns from data captured from the real world. However, business environments are increasing supported by AI-generated synthetic data that convincingly reflects data from the physical world.

Synthetic data is data that is generated by computers using 'digital twins' that model real world objects, systems and processes with increasing accuracy. In the real world, producing and collecting data takes time, which limits the number of permutations that can be tested and assessed. This limitation no longer exists with 'digital twins'.

Computing the Impossible

New developments in quantum computing and biology-inspired computing promises to revolutionize the amount of computing power available. NASA and Google back in 2016 is said to have a working quantum computer capable of operating 100 million times faster than any non-quantum computer in existence. While that mind-bending claim may only be true for a specific use case, it is just a matter of time before more breakthroughs are made.


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