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"Code for Fun" - Coding classes for upper Primary Students expected to roll out next year!

With the launch of Code for Fun, according to Channel News Asia, MOE (Ministry of Education) is signalling its intent to equip young students to "have the fundamental skills and attributes to thrive in the digital age". At The Logic Coders, we can't agree more! In fact, experts believe that 40% of jobs in the future will be replaced by robots! As parents, think about your childhood and compare your exposure to digital devices to your children currently. You will realize that technological advancement will take place at a exponential rate!

Children learning to code

Code for Fun, is a 10-hour program covering basic coding and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. The curriculum has not been made public as of yet. However, the pilot programme, which started in 2014, drew great response and interest. From what we can see on IMDA website, the programme will include "visual-based programming language" and "combining it with robotic kits such as Lego..."

IMDA Code For Fun


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