CTO of Buildable: "The way we teach coding is all wrong"

CTO of Buildable Max De Lavenne sees a big disconnect between how students are taught to code and what the industry is looking for.

Students today are mostly just being taught the fundamentals, and are lacking a lot of the hands-on, tactical experience that connects to marketplace needs. Educational institutions need to focus not just on the tools of the trade, but also on the trade itself, says Lavenne. Learning to code is, after all, just the tip of the iceberg; Lavenne likens it to the difference between "picking up a dictionary and putting words together", and actually learning the grammar and culture behind a language.

Learning syntax just isn't enough, learn coding logic

Parents looking to expose their primary and secondary school children to coding often conflate syntax knowledge with ability to code. Just like learning to be proficient in excel is more than just learning what each and every function does, it requires an understanding of how to put these functions together in a way that solves a problem.

While syntax is important, we think that parents should focus more on teaching logic to their children as logic is universal and remains constant in every coding language, from drag-and-drop coding interfaces to C++. Learning through problem solving is an excellent way to start building up that foundation in coding logic as students will be forced to use coding concepts to solve problems rather than just learning syntax definitions.

Developing a true appreciation and understanding for logic does not happen overnight or over a 3 day holiday camp. Similar to being proficient in math, it requires practice.

Nurturing a child's interest in coding is of utmost importance

Kids learning to code has become a trend amongst Singaporean parents. However, we would like to caution parents that as much as they wish to expose their children to coding early, how it is done matters.

Learning to code at a young age can be frustrating for students and parents need to be careful not to overstep the line where students start to detest learning. We notice that parents gravitate to buzzwords such as "python" in making decisions on which course their child will enroll in, we would like to caution against that.

What should be of utmost importance is to make sure that the course nurtures curiosity and a genuine interest in coding.


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