Data Analytics - A look at Singapore's mobility through the COVID pandemic

Ever wondered why data analytics has become so popular in the recent years? Data availability.

As we adopt digital technologies in our lives and homes, we often forget the immense volumes of data that these devices are recoding every second. IDC Global DataSphere has estimated that the amount of data created over the next 3 years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years. This ever growing pool of data collected, drives the demand to analyze the data for insights and trends.

The smartphone that is probably an arms length away from you now, besides providing communication and entertainment has also been recording where you have been. Need evidence of it? We have used Google's Mobility data set to generate a day-by-day view of foot traffic in retail malls in Singapore. Yes! the underlying data for this chart is generated from your phones tracking your location in real-time.

We have picked out a few other interesting insights and charts from analyzing the data set in this article.

Working from home to looks to be here to stay

No. We will not be working from home as the default 1-2 years from today. However, the pandemic has made companies more accepting of flexible work arrangements. In Jan 2021 to Mar 2021, Singapore was gradually reopening however, workplace traffic never returned to levels seen in Mar 2020. This suggests that elements of work from home has never fully gone away.

The sudden dips in the time series chart circled in red shows represents some of Singapore's national holidays. We see that there is a fall in people at the workplace, which is to be expected.

The rise of private hire cars

Noticing many more grab/gogek cars on the road? You may be on to something. Mass transit traffic has remained well below pre-covid baseline. We think that the data suggests changes in consumer preferences towards hiring private hire car over taking public transport.

The ability to analyze and make sense of data will become increasingly important in the future

The trend of availability of data and tools such as Python for data analysis will only accelerate. It naturally follows that the ability to draw insights from data will be a vital skill for the job of tomorrow.


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