Everyone is learning Python and why your child should too

Python is popular, you likely already know that and do not need us to remind you. In this article, we seek to address 2 questions:

  • Why is Python so popular?

  • Should your child learn Python?

Python is the most popular coding language today
Python is the most popular coding language today

Big data analytics and data science are becoming mainstream, the regular office worker who before could get by with no knowledge about coding is now required to make learn to code and to decisions based on the new tool set. There is no escape. The digital world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day, that is 2.5 with 18 zeros behind, or around 100 million blu-ray discs everyday!

With all the data that is produced, it is no wonder that there is an increasingly demand to analyze all that data for business insights and trends.

Python's growing popularity: Python is a coding language for everyone

On the surface, Python's popularity is hard to grasp. It is slow to execute, memory inefficient, and has numerous developer restrictions. In simple words, it is pretty bad at being a coding language.

Python however, does have a winning characteristic - simplicity. Python is easy to learn, read and write. It is a coding language for non-coders. It is no surprise that Python has become the most popular coding language and more regular workers in every industry are required to learn and execute codes.

The simplicity granted by python means that for the first time, it is possible to teach kids an actual coding language used in the real world.

Should kids be learning Python? It depends.

Learning to code using 'drag-and-drop' interfaces like the Lego EV3 Robotics provides similar and sufficient opportunities to develop cognitive skills and logical abilities. However, python being a text-based coding language can provide additional exposure to syntax rules, data types and libraries.

So far, it sounds awesome - Giving your child a head-start by learning Python, and at the same time, provide stimulus to develop cognitive skills. Before rushing to sign your child up for Python classes, we would urge parents to consider the child's level of interest in coding and technology.

Python is a text-based coding language and is significantly less interactive, more abstract, and requires more precision. This potentially could backfire cause a child to lose interest in coding. We recommend parents ease their children into coding through the more interactive coding platforms first (like the EV3 Robotics) and garner feedback to gauge interest.

If the interest is there, learning Python can be very rewarding for your child's development and future.


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