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Which is Better? Holiday Coding Camps vs. Term-Time Programs

Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of Linkedin

Coding is a critical skill if you want to start a tech startup, but a basic knowledge of code is useful even in traditional fields, because software is changing everything

Now that the school holidays are finally here, many parents are turning to various holiday programs to expose their children to interesting activities that children may not have time for during the school term. This is no different for coding enrichment classes for kids, especially so this year with MOE rolling out mandatory coding programs across Singapore. While it is tempting to enroll your child in one of the many holiday coding camps available, we see substantial differences in holiday coding camps vs. regular term-time programs and urge you to consider the differences prior to sign-up this holiday season.

Holiday programs are great for exposure and fun

The most appealing aspect of holiday programs is unsurprisingly - the holiday schedule. This gives your child time to focus on academics during the term-time and catch-up on non-academic aspects during the holidays. Great! Holiday programs shine in their ability to maximize the holidays through fun and interest activities, providing the necessary stimulus for holistic development beyond just academics. Holiday programs also give a unique opportunity to try something new without a weekly time commitment.

However, there are limitations to holiday programs that we think you should be aware of: While being perfect for for exposure, holiday programs are less effective in knowledge retention. The one-off exposure to the subject matter, as well as the lack of reinforcement over time means that most of what is taught probably gets forgotten. Realistically, what a child takes away from a holiday program are the experiences, which are extremely valuable as well.

Regular term-time programs are more conducive for learning, especially for logic and algorithms

Regular classes by virtue of being being weekly, provide a more conducive environment for learning and retention. If the ultimate goal is to teach a child coding logic and develop cognitive skills, a regular weekly class is required. Just like learning a musical instrument, a language or math, learning coding does not happen in a day or a week. Learning to code is is just like learning anything else - it needs to be progressive! Starting out easy and building upon existing knowledge as the complexity increases.

Our approach to Holiday Coding Camps and Term-Time Programs at The Logic Coders

  • Core Coding Logic Program (Term-time & Holiday Schedule): This is our flagship course consisting of 6 progressive levels. This course is predominately a regular term-time program targeted at students who want to learn coding logic and crucial cognitive skills such as problem solving, spatial thinking and logical reasoning. However, we do see an opportunity to offer the first half of Level 1 as a holiday program. None of the other levels are offered as a holiday program as the content becomes more challenging and we would want to give students time to reflect and absorb the content on a weekly schedule.

  • Post-Exams Coding Workshop (Holiday Schedule): This is a project based course designed with timing flexibility in mind. This is a exposure focused program for children aged 11-12 whom are interested to try out coding and get a flavor of the multitude of possibilities that learning to code can bring.


About The Logic Coders: Coding school for kids aged 5-12 (City Square Mall #06-05)

At The Logic Coders, students are placed in a fun, dynamic environment, where they learn coding logic through real-world experiences. Lessons are filled with activities that promote intuitive understanding of coding concepts. Our students don’t just learn coding, they learn critical skills in logical thinking by identifying and solving problems. We believe that deep learning occurs subconsciously.

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