IDC's predictions for the future of work

Happy new year! Each year, IDC publishes their top 10 predictions of how they see the future of work to be. Here are some highlights. You can read the full article here. While these are speculations about the future, they do provide a clear view of how IDCs sees the future to be - Digital.

Employees will use tools to automate their own work using codeless development

The rise of low-code/no-code platforms is expected to accelerate. These platforms allow for regular employees to automate their work processes using simplified or drag-and-drop coding. Coding is no longer reserved for the select few in an organization. This means that coding will gradually become a required skill in the workplace of the future.

40% of the workforce will see 25% improvement in information usage by 2026 due to investments in intelligent knowledge networks that turn structured/unstructured data into searchable knowledge

The last decade has seen a shift in thinking in data collection and how data is stored. We have witnessed a shift towards public and hybrid cloud, away from on-premise infrastructure. In the coming years, organizations will start looking for ways to use that data to improve business outcomes. Data analytics is one of the ways that organizations will use data to learn insights about their business and operations.

IT skills shortages will affect 90% of organizations by 2025

The rapid pace of digitization globally which has been accelerated by COVID, has result in a shortage of IT skills today which looks to continue well into the future. It is evident that IT skills and coding will be core skills to function effective in the workforce of tomorrow.


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