Interested in what happens in class? Here's what you missed from our Sept 2019 parent presentations

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Computers are going to be a big part of our future...and that future is yours to shape.

We believe that interactivity is the best way to develop understanding. We do not merely talk the talk, we walk the walk. In order to give parents a better perspective on what is taught through our classes, we let them interact and play with their children's creations!

Students presenting their coding projects
Parent presentations for the Core Coding Logic Program (every 10th session)

Students presenting their own creations
Students presenting their own creations

Student with Lego EV3

Bumper Car

This original creation moves forward until the touch sensor detects an obstacle. If it detects an obstruction, it reverses.

This project reminds us of the robotic vacuum cleaners we have at home. We always find it fascinating that a simple if/else statement can produce fairly complex behaviors. We find that such projects heighten curiosity within our students, especially once they start realizing what they can achieve on their own.

happy student learning how to code


This robot is able to increase/decrease speed gradually using 2 touch buttons.

While this sounds easy at first glace, this requires an application of variables, and math in addition to loops and switches. The real-word manifestation of the codes enabled by the EV3 platform, definitely helps to demystify more abstract concepts.


Every 10th session of our Core Coding Logic Program, we invite parents into our classes to immerse themselves in what their child has been learning over the last few sessions. These short presentations provide an opportunity for students to showcase their newfound coding skills and for parents to get a better perspective of what transpires during class.

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