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Is it too difficult for kids to learn to code?

Maybe, but in essence, no. Treat it like learning a new skill or hobby. The 2 reasons as to why learning to code might be considered difficult or hard for kids are that it's new and that it takes practice.

It's new

The unfamiliar nature of learning something new makes it challenging and arduous. However, by mastering it makes one stand out among peers. If you think of common enrichment activities such as swimming or music, coding can be considered to be relatively "new" and at its infancy. As such, coding to many is often viewed as being abstract. Why so? Parents typically have little to no coding background and thus, have formed an opinion of what coding is to them.

Like music, they look at coding as having various platforms similarly to music having different instruments. One of the first questions we get are what coding language(s) do we teach in our school. While the question may seem important, we are afraid that it may be not for the right reasons. In our view, coding languages are important but not as an end all but rather, for its age-appropriateness. Knowing the syntax and rules of a coding language does not necessarily equate to mastery of coding. Rather, because the logic remains the same regardless of language, we would rather impart the skill of logical thinking to students.

It takes practice

As Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book "Outliers", mastery of a skill takes about 10 000 hours commonly known as the "10 000 hour rule". Many are familiar of this rule. However, what strikes us more is that talent (to Malcolm, at least) is not so much inherent and innate, but rather a willingness to spend that amount of time to practice in the first place! Learning anything new, especially coding can be a long journey. Forming the logical thinking can not be achieved by just pure memorization, but rather by deliberate practice where one forms an idea or thought process and tests it via trial and error. Almost always through this process, the idea gets challenged and shaped accordingly to form an end product. It is through this method where we wish to impart the trait of grit to our students. Breaking a complex problem into smaller manageable parts allow kids to have small victories giving them more confidence to move on. But it is also through grit where things don't go their way where we want to encourage students to persevere and not give up!

At The Logic Coders, we teach coding with the focus on logical thinking. Click here to find out more on how we are different.


The Logic Coders is a coding school for kids aged 6-16 located at City Square Mall #06-05 (Singapore)

We offer term-time and holiday programs using the Lego EV3 Robotics platform and Python

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