Is learning drag and drop coding useless?

From our experience as educators of The Logic Coders, a coding school in Singapore for students aged 6-16, we find parents often believing that drag-and-drop coding is "fake coding". Learning drag-and-drop coding (Scratch, Lego EV3, Blockly) is similar to learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels, nothing more than a stepping stone to actual coding.

While that might be true in the past, we see rising adoption of drag and drop in enterprises. Yes, you read that right! Companies today are adopting drag and drop coding for enterprise software.

Enterprises are adopting drag-and-drop coding

Don't believe it? Meet Unqork, a fast growing enterprise software development platform funded by Google and Goldman Sachs. Software created through its drag and drop interface can be found today in many financial firms including Goldman Sachs!

Screenshot of unqork
Drag-and-drop coding is not just for kids

Some of our readers might be thinking: "surely drag-and-drop coding cannot be used in data analytics where Python has become so popular". That is not true as well. Alteryx is an enterprise big data analytics platform that uses a drag-and-drop coding interface too! Alteryx is not a small obscure data analytics tool as either, it is recognized as a Leader in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms. It is even used by Singapore's NTUC Income amongst many other enterprises.

Screenshot from Alteryx
Drag-and-drop coding for big data analytics

Adoption of drag-and-drop platforms in the enterprise means that EVERYONE must know coding logic

We have emphasized the importance of understanding coding logic, and how it will be a core competency in the workforce regardless of profession. This rise of the drag-and-drop coding in the enterprise means that coding is not just for coders anymore. Everyone needs to learn how to code to thrive in the workforce.

With those thoughts in mind, the Lego EV3's drag-and-drop coding doesn't seem so kiddy after all.

Lego EV3 Robotics
Lego EV3's drag-and-drop coding

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