IT fresh graduates from NUS,NTU,SMU top employment surveys yet again

It is clear on hindsight the impact that COVID had on the economy - digital transformation. We explore how sustainable this trend really is.

IT graduates earn 30% more than their peers in other fields boosted by COVID.

Pandemic lockdowns in 2020/2021 favored e-commerce and digitally native businesses and with digital on the top of the minds of business leaders, demand for IT talent surged. It should not be a surprise that IT fresh graduates earn 30% more than their peers in other fields in 2021

Inflation is the new problem for businesses. The solution, more technology.

Fast forward a couple of months, living with COVID is now the narrative of 2022. Simplistically, it would seem that the tide that drove digital transformations has now receded and the surge in demand for IT talent will normalize. However, businesses today are presented with a different problem set - Inflation.

Inflation today is at a 5-year high, and it is common to see prices of everyday goods rising. We have definitely seen it! As labor cost grows with the 'great resignation' wave, businesses must start looking for new, more efficient ways to conduct their business. Ultimately we think that companies will turn to technology to automate processes and increase workforce productivity.


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