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IT graduates top salary survey in Singapore

We have highlighted in our previous posts that:

From the perspective of a 'kaisu' Singaporean parent trying to give their children the best shot at life, the next question naturally would be: But how much does an IT related job pay?

An IT graduate's median salary is approximately 15% higher than other specializations

According to MOE's Graduate Employment Survey 2019, IT related graduates have consistently topped the surveys consecutively for the last 3 years! Not only do they make significantly more than their peers in other specializations, they are also fair very well when it comes to employment.

The only specializations that showed higher median salaries are unsurprisingly Law and Medicine. However, we must factor in that both these courses take significantly more time to complete. Adding the additional salary from 2-3 years of working experience, IT graduates might actually be better off.

MOE Survey Report:

MOE Graduate Employment Survey 2019
MOE Graduate Employment Survey 2019

Recent developments in the economy will make IT careers even more sought after

Based on the statistics, it is clear that IT graduates have been in demand in the last few years. With the recent pivot of Singapore's economy and the impacts of COVID-19, we expect the demand for IT graduates to be even more robust in the coming years.


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