Preparing your child for the jobs of tomorrow

We have written about how technology will cause significant changes of the workforce:

We are not alone in reaching that conclusion. In the McKinsey's report titled AI, automation, and the future of work, researchers highlight the changing nature of work and how new skills will become important for the future. Below is a quick summary of their main thrusts.

Half of all activities carried out by workers can be automated

Analysis of more than 2,000 work activities across more than 800 occupations shows that certain categories of activities are more easily automatable, especially data collection and data processing. These easily automatable activities account for roughly half of the activities in the workforce. The least susceptible categories include managing others, providing expertise, and interfacing with stakeholders.

The new core skills are needed to thrive in the workplace of tomorrow

In the jobs of tomorrow, repetitive and mundane tasks will be handled by automation and technology. The importance of technological skills in this new world is obvious. However, automation cannot replace the more 'human' parts of the job such as creative thinking, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills.

  • Technological skills - ability to code and use computing and AI tools effectively

  • Social & emotional skills - emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills

  • Higher cognitive skills - critical thinking, creativity and complex information processing

McKinsey & Company research

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