RPA: Automation is coming to the office desk

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as it is called in the industry uses software to take control of your keyboard and mouse to do your work in excel, world, SAP, or any other software! Automation has arrived in the office, and is coming to a desk next to yours.

This trend has been percolating for a couple of years, KPMG in 2016 made the prediction that "45 - 75% of back office jobs in financial services will be performed by robots, or more precisely, Robotic Process Automation".

45-75% of back office jobs in financial services will be performed by robots, or more precisely, Robotic Process Automation (RPA). KPMG 2016, Rise of the Robots

40% of workers spend at least 1/4 of their work week on repetitive tasks

Try it. Go through the last work week in your mind and mentally make a mental note of the tasks that you do that are repetitive and rule based. You will find that creating reports, quotations, invoices, filling up forms, replying simple emails, are all done following a set of rules that you have mentally created. Those tasks can now be automated through RPA. This exercise could be potentially shocking to some as it shows the extent that things can be automated, and jobs displaced.

For companies this has massive potential reduce costs, and reduce errors at the same time. Unlike us, robots never make a mistake, never go for lunch, and never take a bathroom break.

Meet UiPath, one of these robots that could actually do your job for you

UiPath isn't some tiny company with no customers either. It now at a US$38bn, and is used by the likes of Google, NASA, General Electric, Autodesk, HP... the list goes on.

Scary as it might seem, the silver lining is that, someone has to code in UiPath before the robot can do you job. Rather than resisting change, learning to use technology to our advantage can boost work efficiency and drive growth. UiPath has embraced the no-code phenomenon too. There is no complex syntax to deal with, just a couple of boxes that you drag around to encapsulate a logic, an algorithm within.


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