Should send your child for coding holiday programs?

It is the year-end holidays again! Many parents like yourself are looking for holiday programs to engage their children. With the alternative being spending more time spent on Minecraft, Roblox, and social media, we can see why parents are keen on enrichment programs and holiday camps. If you would like to explore exposing your child to coding, here are a few things you should consider.

Lego EV3 based holiday coding programs are great for children aged 8-12 as they learn useful skills while having fun. It is the holidays season after all. The Lego EV3 Platform is interactive in nature allowing beginners to jump right into the action by building what is in their imagination and then using simple drag and drop coding to provide coding instructions to their creations.

Children who have not had the experience of building and coding their own robot are often filled with amazement once they find out what they can code on their own.

Python based holiday coding programs are more suited for children 11 and above that are interested in coding. Python is not as fun or interactive compared to the Lego EV3 platform. However, getting exposed to a real coding language before secondary school provides valuable experience that can be leveraged on later in life. With coding reaching into almost every industry and job, we think that learning to code at an early age can provide your child with a head-start.

Scratch based holiday coding programs are more suited for younger children and home-based learning. Scratch being a colorful online platform is ideal for home-based learning for younger children. Scratch is also a free platform which means that you as a parent can try to teach it to your child at absolutely no cost! Going to an established provider of these courses will be hassle free of course.


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