Singapore acts to future-proof workers for industry 4.0

Agency for science, technology and research of Singapore (A*STAR) in its recent article has highlighted the need for Singapore to leverage data and technology to boost productivity in manufacturing. This push towards digitization and automation is termed Industry 4.0 and will likely impact all of the 472,000 manufacturing jobs in Singapore. Representing 13% of Singapore's total employment level of 3.78 million jobs according to the Ministry of Manpower.

A*STAR has pre-emptively launched a host of programs and initiatives to ensure our workforce is able to leverage data-driven technologies and automation. However, what does it actually take to be 'future-proof'? Hint: It is more than just being able to code!

Higher Cognitive Skills

With more repetitive tasks within the economy being automated, time will be freed up for higher level thinking and problem solving. This makes for more meaningful, less mundane jobs! However, these jobs will be more demanding cognitively.

Social and Emotional Abilities

Humans are social beings - leadership and people skills will always be in demand. Even COVID which has forced most of us to work from home has not diminished our desire for connection. The pandemic has merely shifted interactions to the cloud.

In fact we would contend that the social and emotional aspect in jobs been heighted due to the less rich interaction medium via video conferencing.

Technology Skills

Digital skills will become ubiquitous as digital technologies are increasingly adopted. However, we see the ability to understand coding logic being the most important skill in this category, more so than actual coding skills. Similar to current day, most jobs will require effective use of software rather than creating new software. Yet, we have to be mindful that the new generation of software will be built assuming that users have a basic understanding of coding and logic.


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