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Singapore - Asia's next Silicon Valley?

In one of our earlier posts (Singapore positions itself as a regional technology hub), we mentioned seeing a change in the direction of the economy and a shift in types of jobs that Singaporeans will need to adapt too in the near future.

A recent article in Today (The Big Read: As tech titans converge in Singapore, can it truly become Asia’s Silicon Valley?) published on 6 February 2021 seems to reinforce our view. As tech firms look to break into this region of the world, Singapore is often considered to be an ideal destination to be headquartered largely due to strong fundamentals and business-friendly reputation. Currently, the world is seeing rapid growth in the tech sector causing a global crunch in tech talent. Coupled with Singapore's already small talent pool, the republic's vision might be hampered.

Illustration: Anam Musta'ein/TODAY

How can we prepare our kids for the future

Introducing coding through early exposure to our kids might give them an added advantage in tomorrow's world. However, because coding can be seen as "dry" or "difficult", it is in the best interests to make learning to code engaging for the child. The question is how?

The learning journey should be fun and interactive. The activities or tasks that kids undertake should incite excitement and provide a sense of accomplishment. Enjoyment in an activity as they master or hone skills keeps them motivated and hungry to want to learn more.

Mastering to code should also be stimulating yet managed at a pace that the child can manage at. The challenge comes when the child loses interest when the curriculum is at the opposite ends of the difficulty scale; it is not ideal to have the syllabus being too difficult nor too easy.

Learning to code should be relatable to kids. Giving context to tasks makes them more meaningful as the kids realize that technology is all around them in their everyday life. This helps reinforce concepts that have already been taught to them.


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