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Singapore to use artificial intelligence for healthcare

Singapore has purchased a new national supercomputer from Nivida to accelerate healthcare research using large and complex sets of patient data is slated to launch this year in SGH. Under the agreements, Nvidia will provide access to its software tools and artificial intelligence (AI) models for healthcare research. The supercomputer is expected to take the AI used by clinicians to make sense of diseases and escalate it. Where standard computers might take days to train the AI using a set of patient data, the supercomputer could do it in hours.

Data is the 'raw material' for analytics and AI deployments

Compute speeds are always increasing and modern supercomputers can process an incredible volume of data yet this trend is far from new. Moore's Law named after Gordon Moore CEO of Intel back in 1965 succinctly predicted that computers will doubling in compute capability every two years. So if this trend of every more powerful computers have been around since the 1960s, why is the AI and data analytics trend gaining so much traction in the last decade? Data, clean high quality data.

The momentum for data analytics and AI only started in 2010 based on Google Trends data. We think that this is because of the growth in digital systems in the 2000s. Ultimately AI models are only as good as the quality of data that these models were trained on.

The world's data volume is expected to increase 90 fold from 2010 by 2025. Driving demand for data analytics and AI skillsets

This trend of the world producing more data isn't stopping anytime soon. With more data and better data available, there will be ever more demand to analyze and optimize everything from the way we play to the way we treat patients in hospitals.


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