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Skills that will be in demand for the future

We have previously highlighted that changes in the economy will result in growing demand for IT related skillsets. SkillsFuture Singapore recently put out a report finding that digitalization is a key driver of growth, and Digital Economy jobs can be found across all 23 sectors. Read the full report here: SSG Skills Demand For The Future Economy

Top 3 clusters of skills: technology application, data analytics, and market research

  • Technology Application - Skills to operate, adopt and apply technology

  • Market Research - Skills to enable businesses to make informed business decisions

  • Data Analytics - Skills covering data collection, data management, interpretation and visualizatio

Digital skills are important and are required in addition to existing skill sets

Digital skills are transferable across industry sectors, as more enterprises embark on digital transformation and technology adoption. Despite the growing importance of digital skills in all sectors, the majority of tech roles are 'tech-lite' that involve the use of foundational digital solutions rather than 'tech-heavy' roles requiring development and implementation.

While it is easy to conclude that IT skills are growing in importance and our kids should all aspire to the coders, in reality the situation is much more nuanced. We agree that IT skills is crucial in the workforce looking a decade into the future, however these skills would be additional to the skill sets that are already required in the workplace today. An engineer still needs to be able to devise ingenious solutions to problems, but in the future, will also be expected to effectively use technology to improve ones efficiency at work.

Everyone should learn to code, yes even kids!

As parents, we need to decide what we would like to expose your children today to give them a head-start in the future. Looking at the current trends in the economy would encourage parents to consider exposing their children to coding in addition to arts and sports.


The Logic Coders is a coding school for kids aged 6-16 in Singapore

Locations: City Square Mall #06-05 / Parkway Centre #13-07

We offer term-time and holiday programs using the Lego EV3 Robotics platform and Python

Learn more at:

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