Top 5 digital trends for the future according to Workforce Singapore

We have highlighted in our previous post that technology is causing significant shifts in the types of skills required for Industry 4.0. While COVID has caused disruptions to our lives, it has undoubted accelerated the adoption of digital technologies. No one could have predicted that we will all be working from home and attending back to back Zoom calls.

After 18 months since the start of the global pandemic, countries are taking stock of their economies and realizing that there is a significant skill mismatch in their workforce. According to the Boston Consulting Group, this mismatch is costing the world 11% of global GDP. A shocking number.

Closer to home, Workforce Singapore has also highlighted what they see as the top 5 digital trends that will cause significant changes to the workplace. We provide an except of the article below.

1. AI and Cloud Computing

With AI and cloud computing at the forefront of innovation, AI architects, AI engineers and cloud solutions experts will be amongst the most sought-after tech professionals, especially when talent demand is accelerated by the government’s Smart Nation initiative.

2. Advanced Data Analytics

Data scientists and analysts continue to be in demand. And with Singapore’s data analytics industry reportedly injecting nearly S$1 billion into the country’s economy yearly, this demand will only continue to grow. Non-analytics applications are evolving to incorporate data and analytics currently and in the future. People and organizations are clamoring for more valuable and actionable data. Advanced data analytics resonates with other tech topics including AI, machine learning, proactive security, privacy-enhancing computation and IoB (internet of behaviour). Advanced data analytics is also connected to data privacy with the massive explosion of data.

3. Hyper Automation

As hyper automation grows in rapid demand globally, it impacts the demand for robotic process automation (RPA) jobs too. Hyper automation brings forth fearless transformation across organizations. Moreover, hyper automation's ability to automate basic and complex processes will see more IT and tech roles rising to oversee processes on a bigger scale. Its success relies greatly on data strategy and the organization's ability to determine action points within its tech operations.

4. Cyber Security

The rapid growth of data, the rise of cloud computing, massive data breaches and government regulations are just some of the reasons for the immense demand for cyber security professionals. According to a Cisco survey last year, cyber security threats across Asia-Pacific rose with more people working from home. Furthermore, cyber security will need to be more flexible in addressing a variety of threats.

5. Remote Working

As more firms embrace technology to facilitate workplace flexibility, we will start to see newly created jobs, as well as traditional roles transforming into hybrid profiles requiring digital-centric skills to support collaboration, communication and connectivity.


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