What is driving the increase in interest in coding for kids post-COVID?

Attribute it to the decisive actions that the Singapore government has taken or sheer luck that we have had a mutation in the genome of the virus making it milder (The Lancet), we are optimistic that Singapore is on the recovery path post-COVID. As we reflect on the events over the last 9 months, one thing is increasingly clear - we think COVID has accelerated the transformation towards the digital economy by 3-5 years.

Interest in teaching kids coding has quadrupled post-COVID

We had argued in our previous articles that learning to code is going to be important for kids due to the trends we observed in the economy and digital technology adoption. Today, this argument has never been more valid. Many parents we speak to have suddenly realized the importance of coding and technology during the months of work-from-home and increased digital technology adoption in their jobs. It is no surprise that according to Google, interest in the topic of coding for kids has quadrupled since the start of the year.

There has been an acceleration of digital technology adoption globally

Singapore is no exception. "(The) coronavirus has accelerated the digital drive, as companies look to not only improve social distancing but also become more productive and resilient" as reported by the Financial Times. Adoption of digital payments, scanning of QR codes, Zoom meetings, VPN access to office systems while working-from-home. These changes are real and here to stay. Perhaps this acceleration of digital technology adoption is the silver-lining of the global pandemic.

However, as parents, we have to ask ourselves - how does all this affect our children? We foresee this change in trajectory having a massive impact especially in a couple of years time. Technology is going to become extremely important, and we have to make sure our kids are well equipped for that reality.

Singapore faces a shortage of qualified technology talent pool according to Vivian Balakrishnan

Job opportunities are a reflection of the make-up of the economy. With the increasing adoption of technology, coding and digital skills will become more sought after. “If you’re a programmer, a UX designer or an expert in Python, artificial intelligence and machine learning...or better still, you create robots, you have no shortage of jobs,” said Vivian Balakrishnan in an interview with The Straits Times.

This sentiment on the importance of technology is also echoed by Education Minister Lawrence Wong at a dialog on on the future of job and skills: "People start thinking, 'What should I do to be better today? Should I learn more programming, coding, IT? I think all of these are important skill sets. We need to better understand technology so that we can work well with machines."


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