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When the fun stops, learning often stops too

In today's ever more competitive Singapore, parents and children often get obsessed in the pursuit of grades, and leaving out the fun in learning.

Connection between learning and fun has been well established in research

When students are engaged and motivated and feel minimal stress, information flows freely through their minds and they achieve higher levels of cognition, make connections, and experience “aha” moments. Superior learning takes place when classroom experiences are enjoyable and relevant to students' lives, interests, and experiences. It has been widely proposed that students retain what they learn when the learning is associated with strong positive emotion.

The Logic Coders: Learning to code in a fun environment focused on problem solving

At The Logic Coders, our goal is to nurture an interest in learning through interactive activities that engage our students' minds. Students are often given a problem which they are required to solve, and our instructors are merely encouraging and facilitating the process.

Without the stressors of competitions and exams, our students learn through positive experiences rather than rote-learning. We place particular importance in the learning experience as we understand that many of the concepts we are trying to teach our students are advanced and challenging. The worst thing we can do is to kill the fun of learning for our children.

For as much as we want to expose our children to as much of the world as possible, we think that how it is done matters too.


The Logic Coders is a coding school for kids aged 6-16 in Singapore

Locations: City Square Mall #06-05 & Parkway Centre #13-07

We offer term-time and holiday programs using the Lego EV3 Robotics platform and Python

Learn more at:

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