Which coding language should kids learn?

You have spent time discovering the benefits of learning to code for kids by reading countless articles online and have finally decided that it is time to start allocating time out of your child's already busy schedule to learn a real coding language.

Little did you know that you will be faced with yet another difficult question: Which coding language should my child learn? Unfortunately, there is no right answer for that. We cannot predict the future, or which coding language will be used in the future that our children grow up to. But we can provide our opinion on the matter.

What coding languages are being offered by coding schools for kids currently?

We are only looking at real coding languages here and would be excluding pesudo-code platforms that have drag-and-drop coding interfaces such as Lego EV3 Robotics, Scratch, AppInventor, or Blockly. This is not to say that teaching kids using drag-and-drop coding interfaces is an inferior, we are merely limiting the scope of this discussion to keep the article focused.

  • Python - Used in a wide array of data science applications

  • HTML/CSS - Primarily used for webpages. It deals with structure & formatting of webpages

  • JavaScript - Primarily used for web application development

Of the 3 coding languages listed, Python are most common in kids coding classes. This makes sense as Python is the easiest language to learn, read and write due to its simple and readable syntax. Python has often been described as the 'coding language for non-coders' after all.

Above that Python has in recent years become the world's most popular coding language with many companies now sending their employees for Python classes!

Coding languages evolve and become obsolete

It is tempting to conclude that kids should learn Python, given its widespread adoption in the workforce. However, we have got to remember that coding languages are constantly evolving and what is popular today, may not be in the future.

Python may seem like a new programming language, but in reality, Python was created almost 3 decades ago! It only gained popularity due to emerging trends in data science in the last few years. We do not know for sure if Python will remain as the most popular coding language, or if it will be replaced by something else. However, we are convinced that coding is here to stay.

Learn computational thinking and coding logic

The truth is that it does not matter which coding language you pick for your kids. Yes! You read it right. It does not matter because computational thinking and coding logic can be developed through learning any coding language, if taught correctly. Any coding class that you child attends needs to focus on the algorithms and logic and not the syntax of a specific coding language.

Ultimately it is the ability to conceive algorithms to solve problems that are important for children. These abilities are perfectly transferable across all coding languages. In our view, Python is a great text-based coding language to teach kids not because it is popular, but because it is simple and easy to learn.


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