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Why do we do presentations?

Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Classes are designed to use missions/projects to reinforce concepts taught in class. Towards the end of the term, your child will work on a project of their choice. At every 10th session, parents are invited down to the school where your child will be given a familiar and friendly platform to present his/her project.

Student presenting coding project to parents
Student presenting coding project to parents

Reinforces deep understanding

Have you ever had an opportunity to explain something to someone? You always had the impression that you understood it but only to stammer as you try to explain? Then, by verbalizing your thoughts, you have an 'aha (eureka) moment' where the understanding ‘clicks’ liberating you to replace your false sense of understanding with actual reasoning.

Real-world setting

In a traditional classroom setting, new ideas or concepts are often thought to be taught in a top-down manner. Students are expected to remember them and reproduce or apply it through structured questions in a form of a test. In our opinion, life is anything but that. Imagine yourself in a work setting. You may need to sell your idea, service or product. Essentially, you are selling yourself! As such, you will probably appreciate the need to “present” well.

kids can learn coding

Improves confidence and build relationships

Often, we hear parents lamenting that upon asking their child of what they have learnt in class, the child simply shrugs his/her shoulders or say something to the effect that it is hard to explain or that they wouldn't understand. The presentation serves as an opportunity for the child to show case their creation and hard work. The excitement of their working code binding with pride of their inspired designs, we observe kids duly teaching their parents coding concepts with confidence!


Every 10th session of our Core Coding Logic Program, we invite parents into our classes to immerse themselves in what their child has been learning over the last few sessions. These short presentations provide an opportunity for students to showcase their newfound coding skills and for parents to get a better perspective of what transpires during class.

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