Why should your child learn to code?

We think that coding is an essential skill that is required in the future regardless of profession and agree with the thoughts shared by Vikram Mansharamani, a lecturer at Harvard University and author of"Think for yourself: Restoring Common Sense in an Age of Experts and Artificial Intelligence".

In a recent article in CNBC, he argues that to be successful in tomorrow's world, one has to have a "breadth of perspective" and "ability to connect the proverbial dots". That is, to have a wide range of skills and a mindset to back that up to adapt to the uncertainties of a ever-changing environment coupled with rapid advancement in technologies.

Recall your first exposure to technology. Think about the amount of exposure you get to technology in your everyday life; both work and play. Then you will realize that kids of today will be exposed to technology not only a much earlier age but will be integrated in their everyday lives.

Coding allows us "to connect the dots"

Unlike an adult's, think of a kid's mind like a blank canvas ready to search for various and different approaches. This sparks creativity in kids. Through programming, kids develop cognitive and problem solving skills through pattern recognition as the kids are presented problems in various ways. We teach kids to systematically break the problem into manageable parts and devise logical steps to solve it.  

With the emergence of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, the value of storing and reproducing information is at a danger of decreasing. Instead, the logical approach of "connecting the dots", not "generating dots", would be the skill of the future.

Coding gives a "breadth of perspective"

As with many things in life, there are various ways to solve problems. Learning to code at an early age stretches one's mind and gives allowance to explore different options. Through that, kids start to learn their strengths as they discover that they may have more efficient methods to solve the same problem. They can also learn in a group setting where they brainstorm ideas and share viewpoints and mistakes that they encounter along the way.

The emergence of different coding platforms allow kids to reflect and reinforce coding concepts. Every coding language has its own rules (or syntax); kind of like grammar and punctuation to give a sentence a precise meaning. However, the coding logic remains the same across! Read our take on the different coding platforms that we feel are suitable for kids.


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