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Zacchaeus, 12: DSA Application Experience

Zacchaeus' Parents

The greatest plus about The Logic Coders is that they are very flexible and helpful for students who want more than just coding fun. Zacchaeus likes coding classes as he derives satisfaction from creating his own machines and improving them through design and coding.

Seeing our students tinkering with their projects and continuously trying to improve on what they have created never fails to warm the cockles of our hearts. In today's world of instant gratification, we believe that children who approach issues intellectual curiosity, tenacity and resilience stand a better chance of success.

The connection between Coding and Mathematics

Zacchaeus applied for entry into his preferred secondary school through DSA (Direct School Admission) under the coding category. He shared with us that the first round of interview involves an online math quiz which was taken in school.

This focus on mathematics during the DSA application came as no surprise to us. We have always recognized the close connection between coding and mathematics. In fact, our curriculum is designed specifically to reinforce math concepts taught in school. This is especially true in our Python Masterclass which is targeted at students aged 11-16.

Update: We are delighted and proud to have Zacchaeus taking part and winning in National Robotics Competition CoderZ league 2020 recently! Congrats Zach!


The Logic Coders is a coding school for kids aged 6-16 in Singapore

Locations: City Square Mall #06-05 / Parkway Centre #13-07

We offer term-time and holiday programs using the Lego EV3 Robotics platform and Python

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