Post Exam Coding Workshop

The Post Exam Coding Workshop is curated for students looking for exposure to coding during the school holidays. Unlike the Core Coding Logic Program, this workshop is project based with a flexible schedule.

This school holiday program is designed not only to spark creativity, but also brings context to coding through real-world experiences.

Course Details

  • Suitable for Ages 11 - 12

  • Platform: Lego Robotics

  • Standalone 2-hr sessions

  • Class Size of 10 - 12 (1:6 teacher student ratio)

  • Coding Prerequisites: None

Maximize your school holidays

Join our Post Exam Coding Workshop


How do we rotate the machine to drop the marbles in the right containers?


What mechanism should we use to release the marbles one at a time?


How do we use sensors to tell the color of the marble?

Coding Logic

What are the steps and in what sequence do we have to take them in order to sort the marbles?

Project: Color Sorter

Students will be tasked to build a machine that sorts colored marbles into their respective trays. There is much to learn in such a project.

Heading away for the school holidays? Don't Worry.

The Post Exam Coding Workshops consist of a series of projects to choose from. These projects are independent and do not have to be completed in any specific order.

You have the flexibility of scheduling with this coding holiday program - only pick the sessions that are convenient.

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