Data Analytics

Python for Kids

Python Data Analytics is a course for upper primary and secondary school students (aged 11 and above) who have experience in Python coding. This course is designed for students who wish develop their own portfolio of python projects.

Problem solving and mathematical concepts are core features of the curriculum, as there are numerous opportunities to apply these concepts when coding.

Course Details

Suitable for Ages 11 - 16

Platform: Python, Google Colab

1.5-hr sessions on a weekly schedule

Class Size of 8 (1:3 teacher student ratio)

Receive your own website showcasing the project that can be used to differentiate yourself during academic interviews.

Real Data. Real Analysis.

Apply coding concepts to exact insights from hundreds of live datasets.


Explore what you are interested in.

Every project is customized to meet individual students' interest and Python proficiency. 

Digital social media

Build your Portfolio.

Students will receive their own website to document and showcase completed Python projects. This can be useful to differentiate yourself in academic interviews.