Scratch:Digital Story

The Scratch:Digital Story course is designed specifically for children of ages 5 - 7.

At this age, Pre-schoolers tend to be curious and expressive through story telling. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce Scratch, a drag-and-drop coding platform for pre-schoolers to sequence events, actions and ultimately form story lines. We expose the child to elements of creative writing such as plot development, vivid setting and perspective. 

Course Details

  • Suitable for Ages 5 - 7

  • Platform: Scratch

  • March Holidays, 1-day course (9am - 6pm)

  • Class Size of 10 - 12 (1:3 teacher student ratio)

  • Coding Prerequisites: None

Want to get your child started in coding?

Scratch:Digital Story

Learn to code through storytelling

Create a compelling plot and story line

Plan characters and settings

Code an interactive story using Scratch

Add new elements and review story







If/Else Statements




Why Scratch?

Cognitive Development

At Ages 4-5, a child's thoughts are still fairly concrete (Piaget). Thus a platform used to teach children of that age must be able to modify its context easily.

Scratch allows children to alter the environment and context that their characters are in through background and scenes.

Motor Skills

One challenge when exposing younger children to coding is that they are still new to the keyboard and mouse!

Scratch is one of the few coding platforms designed with large easy-to-click interfaces, that provide excellent mouse training.


Scratch is the most visual and colorful of the coding platforms. This aspect is often neglected by coders but not educators.

The vibrant colors and distinctive shapes provide the necessary stimulus for younger children to remain engaged and capture their imagination.

Character Based

Story telling requires people and characters. This is where Scratch is significantly superior compared with the rest of the coding platforms.

With many easily animated characters to pick from, Scratch makes it easy for children to create their own narratives.

Featured Digital Stories

First day at School

Clinton's first day at school turns out better than he had expected

Life Underwater

Jane the jellyfish get trapped in plastic waste. But is saved by Ben when he uses less plastic straws and bags


Crossing a busy street with the help of a green goblin and a traffic light

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