Coding is a Fundamental Life Skill

We believe that all kids, whether they aspire to be a programmer, should have a good grasp in the basics of programming. Recall your first exposure to technology. Then think about the amount of exposure you have in your daily life to technology. You will then realize that kids of today are exposed to technology at a very much earlier age and would probably be more so throughout their lives!   

Coding is today's language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead of consumers of computer science. 


- Maria Klawe

When you learn through coding, (you're) coding to learn. You're learning it in a meaningful context, and that's the best way of learning things.


- Mitchel Resnick

Unlike an adult's, think of a kid's mind like a blank canvas ready to search for various and different approaches. This sparks creativity in kids. Through programming, kids develop cognitive and problem solving skills through pattern recognition as the kids are presented problems in various ways. We teach kids to systematically break the problem into manageable parts and devise logical steps to solve it.  

Encountering resistance through errors and bugs in coding is perfectly normal. And we value that going through and over-coming difficulties help instill resilience and build confidence in kids. It is not uncommon to see kids brimming with joy when they have completed their programming project!  

We build mental models of everything – from how to tie our shoes to the way macro-economic systems work. With these, we make decisions, predictions, and understand our experiences. If we want computers to be able to compute for us, then we have to accurately extract these models from our heads and record them. Writing Python isn’t the fundamental skill we need to teach people. Modeling systems is.

- Chris Granger