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Coding school for kids 6-16

We Teach Logic.

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EV3 Mindstorms

For students who like to explore coding while keeping it fun 

Prepare and qualify for Robotics CCA in secondary school


For students who are interested in pursuing a career in coding 

Learn a text based coding language to give your child a head-start

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Boost your childs academic abilities (Mobile).jpg

Learning to code sharpens cognitive skills crucial for math and science.

Spatial Thinking

Developing spatial thinking can improve mathematical understanding.

Logical Reasoning

Simplify complex problems down into manageable parts.

Reinforce Concepts

Apply concepts taught in school, in an environment that encourages experimentation.​

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Coding isn't just for coders.

Coding is an essential skill that is required in the future regardless of profession.


more income for computer science majors as compared to college average

Hamilton Project


of jobs within the economy

will require computing skills

EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy


of companies are adopting big data analytics and machine learning

World Economic Forum

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Start your child's coding journey today.

Structured Play
Learning happens subconsciously as students create new projects and have fun.

Interactive & Engaging
Learning to code with a robotics platform provides tangible feedback required for effective learning.

Coding is Fun (Mobile).jpg

Real-World Experiences
Relevance in curriculum design provide meaning and context for learning.


Ages 4 to 5
1 hour weekly

Creative Coders

Creative Coders aims to expose pre-school children (ages 4 - 5) to basic coding concepts. Expose your child early to coding concepts with Scratch. There are 12 themes within this course where children get to learn sequencing and loops through a drag and drop coding interface.

Ages 6 to 7
1 hour weekly

Junior Coders Series

The Junior Coders Series is designed specifically for students aged 6 to 7. Coding and math concepts are often related. Through this program, students experience early exposure at the same time in a fun and interactive environment. This courser is conducted using Lego EV3 Robotics.

Our Courses

Courses (Mobile).jpg

Ages 8 to 12
1.5 hours weekly

Core Coding Logic Program

The Core Coding Logic Program consist of a series of 6 progressive levels covering Lego EV3 Robotics and Python. This program seeks to equip students with a comprehensive foundation in coding logic, while providing a conducive environment for students to hone cognitive skills.


​Ages 11 to 16
1.5 hours weekly

Python Masterclass

The Python Masterclass is a course for students aged 11 and above who are keen to venture beyond the basics of coding. This course is designed to give students a jump-start in their learning journey with the view of equipping them with all they need for self-directed learning.

​Ages 11 to 16
1.5 hours weekly

Python Data Analytics

Python Data Analytics is a course for upper primary and secondary school students (aged 11 and above) who have experience in Python coding. This course is designed for students who wish develop their own portfolio of python projects.

Our Courses

Courses (Mobile).jpg

​Ages 11 to 12
Customized Schedule

DSA Prep

Prepare for your child's P6 DSA applications with bespoke Python projects. Course is customized to the DSA project of choice ensuring that the student is able to explain and understand key concepts.

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City Square Mall #06-05 & Parkway Centre #13-07

Blog & Articles

Does coding make one smarter?

Does coding make one smarter?

Do recent tech layoffs signal the end of the boom?

Do recent tech layoffs signal the end of the boom?

Advantages of drag-and-drop coding

Advantages of drag-and-drop coding

The role of fun in learning to code

The role of fun in learning to code

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