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Coding Holiday Programs 2020

Core Coding Logic Program

2-days, 9am to 6pm

Lunch Inclusive

Compete the Robotics Foundation within our Core Coding Logic Program in 2 days. Students will be awarded a certificate of proficiency on passing an assessment at the end of the Robotics Foundation Course. 

December Holiday

24 and 25 November

26 and 27 November​

1 and 2 December

3 and 4 December

8 and 9 December

10 and 11 December

15 and 16 December

17 and 18 December

22 and 23 December



12 Sessions, Weekly

This course will cover Python Fundamentals (Module 1 of our Python Masterclass) in 12 weeks with a focus on mathematics. Certificate will be issued upon passing the test at the end of the course.

Topics: variable names, data types, arithmetic operators, block diagram notation

Students can proceed to more advanced modules on completing Module 1 - Python Fundamentals.

Post-PSLE Holiday

October - December 2020

Contact us for available timings

Junior Coders


9am to 12pm or 2pm to 5pm

Complete 2 topics (Fractions and Decimals) of our Junior Coders in 5 days.

December Holiday

1 to 4 December

8 to 11 December

15 to18 December

22 to 25 December

  • D4Y_3234.jpg

    Core Coding Logic Program

    Ages 8 to 12

    1.5 hours weekly

    The Core Coding Logic Program consist of a series of 6 progressive levels across multiple coding platforms. This program seeks to equip students with a comprehensive foundation in coding logic, while providing a conducive environment for students to hone cognitive skills.

  • D4Y_9841.jpg

    Junior Coders Series

    Ages 6 to 7

    1 hour weekly

    The Junior Coders Series is designed specifically for students aged 6 to 7. Coding and math concepts are often related. Through this program, students experience early exposure at the same time in a fun and interactive environment.

  • Console

    Python Masterclass

    Ages 11 and above

    1.5 hours weekly

    The Python Masterclass is a course for students aged 11 and above who are keen to venture beyond the basics of coding. This course is designed to give students a jump-start in their learning journey with the view of equipping them with all they need for self-directed learning.

  • D4Y_3189.jpg

    Coding Workshop

    Ages 11 and above

    2 hours standalone

    The Coding Workshop is catered for students looking for exposure to coding after exams. Unlike the Core Coding Logic Program, this workshop is project based on a flexible schedule.

Sebastian, 12

created a catapult that launches an object with a press of a button


We teach logic.

Boost your child's academic ability.

Learning to code sharpens cognitive skills crucial for math and science.

Reinforce Concepts

Avenue to apply concepts taught in school, in an environment that encourages experimentation.

Spatial Thinking

Developing spatial thinking can improve mathematical understanding.

Logical Reasoning

Break complex problems down into smaller parts making the problem more manageable.

Coding is not just for coders.

Coding is an essential skill that is required in the future regardless of profession.


more income for computer science majors as compared to college average

Hamilton Project


of jobs within the economy will require computing skills

EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy


of companies are adopting big data analytics and machine learning

World Economic Forum


Kids enjoy coding classes.

Unsure if your child enjoys coding? Contact Us.

Structured Play

Learning happens subconsciously as children are always creating new projects and having fun.

Interactive & Engaging

Learning to code using a robotics platform provides the tangible feedback required for effective learning.

Real-World Experiences

Coding projects provide meaning and context to what children are learning.

  • Why coding should be taught in a class setting?

    Why coding should be taught in a class setting?

    While parents prefer small class sizes, we must not neglect the interpersonal skills developed through interaction

  • IT graduates top salary survey in Singapore

    IT graduates top salary survey in Singapore

    An IT graduate's median salary is approximately 15% higher than other specializations

  • What is driving the increase in interest in coding for kids post-COVID?

    What is driving the increase in interest in coding for kids post-COVID?

    As we reflect on the events over the last 9 months, one thing is clear - COVID has accelerated digital trends by 3-5 years

  • Everyone is learning Python and why your child should too

    Everyone is learning Python and why your child should too

    Python is the most popular coding language today. Learning Python can give your child a head-start and develop cognitive skills.


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