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At The Logic Coders, students are placed in a fun, dynamic environment, where they learn coding logic through real-world experiences. Lessons are filled with activities that promote intuitive understanding of coding concepts.

Our students don’t just learn coding, they learn critical skills in logical thinking by identifying and solving problems.

We believe that deep learning occurs subconsciously.


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Free 1:1 hands-on Consultation

Core Coding Logic Program
July School Holidays

2 Day course through the July School Holidays:

21 - 22 July (Tues & Wed)

23 - 24 July (Thurs & Fri)

Duration: 9 am - 6 pm

$500 (Inclusive of lunch)

Coding provides learning opportunity for Math through problem-solving

Coding provides learning opportunity for Math through problem-solving

Coding provides an opportunity for creative problem-solving and should be injected into Mathematics, History or English classes.

Should my Child Learn Text-based Coding rather than Drag-and-Drop Coding?

Should my Child Learn Text-based Coding rather than Drag-and-Drop Coding?

Drag-and-Drop platforms are a great way to start a child in their learning journey before stepping up to Text-based coding.

What age should a child start learning logic?

What age should a child start learning logic?

7 - 12 Years old: Essential for children to develop inductive and deductive reasoning to excel in academics

Coding is not just for Coders

Coding is an essential skill that is required in the future regardless of profession

Within the economy


of jobs will require computing skills

How we entertain ourselves

6 hours

per day spent on digital devices

Even the way we travel


year of launch of driver-less cars

The way we communicate

3.8 billion

Emails sent per day globally

Learn Coding Logic, Not a Language

The syntax of coding changes with time, but the logic remains constant

Age Appropriate

As much as we would like to provide early exposure to coding concepts, how it is done matters.

Syntax Agnostic

Coding logic is universal and can be applied in any coding language, or software such as excel.

Sharpens Cognitive Skills

Learning coding helps you to think, read, learn, remember, reason and focus better

Everyone should learn how to code,

it teaches you how to think

- Steve Jobs



We aim to inspire creativity and curiosity - learning should happen intuitively whilst having fun. Our courses utilize Lego Robotics, Python and Scratch coding platforms.

Core Coding Logic Program

Weekly Term-Time Schedule

or Holiday Program

Ages 7 and above

The Core Coding Logic Program is our flagship program consisting of a series of 6 progressive levels across multiple coding platforms. This program seeks to equip students with a comprehensive foundation in coding logic, while providing a conducive environment for students to hone cognitive skills.

Course Details​

  • Platforms: Lego Mindstorms EV3, Python, Microsoft Visual Studio Code

  • Series of 6 progressive levels

  • 1.5-hr per week on a weekly schedule

  • 6:1 student - teacher ratio

  • Student Exhibitions on every 10th session

Junior Coders Series

Weekly  Schedule

4-week Course

Ages 5 - 7

The Junior Coders Series is designed specifically for students aged 5 to 7. Coding and math concepts are often related. Through this program, students experience early exposure at the same time in a fun and interactive environment.

Course Details​

  • Platform: Lego Mindstorms EV3

  • Based on 8 fundamental Math concepts

  • Exposure to basic Coding Elements

  • 1-hr per session for 4 consecutive weeks

  • 3:1 student - teacher ratio

Coding Workshop

Stand Alone

2-hour session

Ages 11 - 16

The Coding Workshop is catered for students looking for exposure to coding after exams. Unlike the Core Coding Logic Program, this workshop is project based on a flexible schedule. 

Course Details​

  • Platform: Lego Mindstorms EV3

  • 2-hours session Workshop

  • 6:1 student - teacher ratio

  • Available from October 2020 after the primary school exams

Python Masterclass

Weekly Schedule

1.5-hour session

Ages 11 - 16

The Python Masterclass is a course for students aged 11 and above who are keen to venture beyond the basics of coding. This course is designed to give students a jump-start in their learning journeys with the view of equipping them with all they need for self-directed learning.

Course Details​

  • Platform: Python, Microsoft Visual Studio Code

  • 1.5-hr per session on a weekly schedule

  • 8 progressive modules covering the fundamentals of Python

  • Suitable for beginners with no prior experience in coding

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