Junior Coders Series

The Junior Coders Series is designed specifically for younger children starting primary school (ages 6 - 7).

We believe that being good in math not only helps the students' school grades, but it also serves them well in cognitive development. Math trains students to think analytically and critically, allowing them to reason logically in problem solving.

Course Details

Suitable for Ages 6 - 7

Platform: Lego Robotics

6 weekly sessions of 1-hr per course

8 courses available based on math concepts

Class Size of 8 (1:3 teacher student ratio)

Coding Prerequisites: None

Get a head-start through early exposure to coding.

Uncover your child's talents

Reinforce understanding of math concepts
Encourage creativity
Develop psychomotor & spatial skills


Fractions with base of 10

Addition & Subtraction

Counting in whole numbers


Dividing parts of a whole

Geometry & Shapes

Identify and create shapes


Junior Coders

Each mathematical concept is covered within a 6-week course


Comparing with a defined standard


Greater than, smaller than equal to


Repeated addition

Positive & Negative

Number lines extend both ways

Opportunity for exposure at ages 6-7

We see the opportunity to exposure pre-school children who are just about to begin their academic journey to logic and spatial thinking. Spatial thinking refers to the ability to rotate, reflect, and scale 3D objects mentally. These abilities are predictive of future mathematical ability.

As pre-school children are just starting to experiment with logical reasoning, we have structured the Junior Coders to reinforce fundamental coding logic and math concepts.

Test your spatial skills with this Primary 6 Question

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